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Frank Bisson, inventor and creator of the revolutionary fb1 Glass Hair Cutter and visionary behind the sharpest blade on earth, the FB1 Glass Blade

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Celebrity hairdresser Frank Bisson cutting hair using the FB1 Glass Hair Cutter

Frank at Work Shooting the Training DVD

Frank Bisson has an award winning 17 years in the industry and his own salon WOW! in Manchester. The FB1™ Glass Hair Cutter was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal from the International Inventions Show organised by the BBC in London. He has a number of celebrity clients, has developed hairdressing products for multi-national companies and is an advisor to the legal profession on medical issues concerning the hair and scalp, as well as hairdressing courses, journals, radio and television shows. Frank has been nominated for the British Hairdressing Awards and has carried out a lot of research and development on hair and products in a world renowned laboratory.

Frank has worked with and advised Blackpool College/Lancaster University, Manchester University, HABIA who is the authority for City & Guilds for government standards. Frank has also written the Complete Glass Cutting Chapter on hair for the Jane Goldsbro book, HABIA.

Nicky Sanderson holding the revolutionary FB1 Glass Hair Cutter with the inventor, Frank Bisson

Nikki Sanderson –
Actress, ex-Coronation Street

Within the hairdressing industry there are few areas that have not benefited from the influence, creativity, expertise and innovative talent of Frank Bisson. Frank has long been involved in hairdressing theory and education and has worked for years to promote hairdressing techniques for all types of hair. He has also made numerous TV appearances on Sky, Channel 4, GMTV and ITV.

Frank has enjoyed a busy international agenda, featuring in many newspapers and magazines around the world, including: Black Beauty and Hair, Hairdressers Journal, the Daily Express, Manchester Evening News, the Financial Times, Reveal magazine, Stella. Frank has also written the hair helpline for various magazines and has created and given the future predictions for hairstyles and colours for the coming seasons.

Frank Bisson creating a new style for Jonathon Edwards, Olympic Gold Medalist with his amazing FB1 Glass Hair Cutter and Glass Blade Technology

Jonathan Edwards –
Olympic Gold Medallist

Frank has been a judge at the UK Hairdressing finals and the national finals for college hairdressing competitions. He has presented national hairdressing shows, attended by the rich and famous and has cut the hair of many celebrities. He regularly lectures and demonstrates at many hairdressing educational establishments nationally and has helped develop the curriculum for European, African & Caribbean, and South & East Asian hair.

He has also developed hairdressing products for some of the largest companies worldwide with multi national interests.

Frank's Testimonials

“Without doubt one of the UK’s best hair stylists”
Erin Kelly, Journalist to the main tabloids

“When we first heard about the FB1™ Glass Hair Cutter we were intrigued to discover how this revolutionary tool performed. It’s a unique approach to hairdressing.”
Nicola Shannon, Editor, Professional Hairdresser

"Always good to have innovations in the hairdressing industry and the new FB1™ Glass Hair Cutter designed by Frank Bisson stretches cutting techniques to their limit. Safe in any hands, this is a fine product"
Jane Goldsbro Author of the The Cutting Book By Thomson Learning

Watch the Demonstration
Frank Bisson demonstrates the main techniques of using the FB1™ Glass Hair Cutter for creating mind blowing hair styles in this 30 min infomercial.

FB1 Glass Hair Cutter - Professional Edition

Professional editon of the FB1 Glass Hair Cutter includes the FB1 tool, 25 replacement glass blades, blade cover, demonstration DVD and chrome finished stand.
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FB1 Glass Hair Cutter - Professional Edition

FB1 Glass Hair Cutter

The FB1 Glass Hair Cutter with demonstration DVD, 3 replacement blades and blade cover
£ 29.99
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FB1 Glass Hair Cutter

25 Replacement Blades

25 replacement FB1 Glass Hair Cutter glass blades
£ 19.99
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25 Replacement Blades
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