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Videos demonstrating how to use Frank Bisson's revolutionary FB1™ Glass Hair Cutter.

Here you can view a selection of video clips which demonstrate how to use the FB1™ Glass Hair Designer. The clips range from the correct handling of the tool, and the replacement blades, to health and safety notes and also how to achieve the unique and various hairstyles easily using the FB1™.

Frank's Hot Tips:

With the FB1™ anyone can become a real hair stylist. Three easy tips to get you started:

  • Add waves and movement by taking small sections of hair, twisting it  and holding away from the scalp. Run the blade down the length of the section of hair and you have created wavy and blended looking hair.
  • Tame curls or wavy hair by taking a section of hair and, without twisting, hold it away from the scalp. Run the blade down the length of the section of hair (graham extra space is here) and you have straighter blended looking hair.
  • Start cutting a couple of inches (or closer if desired) away from the scalp to create lift, volume and texture, or even closer to the scalp to create more spiky looking hair, still giving volume, lift and texture.
Also Available on DVD
The video clips here are also available when you purchase your FB1™ Glass Hair Cutter with replacement blades in high DVD quality that you can take with you and watch anywhere to learn all about the techniques that the revolutionary tool from Frank Bisson has to offer.
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