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The FB1 Glass Hair cutter The FB1 Glass Hair Cutter

Introducing the revolutionary FB1™ Glass Hair Cutter, for home use.

Internationally renowned celebrity hair stylist Frank Bisson is giving you the ability to create innovative salon styles at home for a fraction of the price of a salon visit.

9 Frank Bisson Glass hair Cutter truths you may not know

  1. No more split ends
  2. The only patented glass hair cutter available in the world
  3. Professional haircuts every time – wherever you are
  4. No skill required as the blade does all the work for you
  5. It is practically indestructible, chemical and heat resistant
  6. 3 products in one – no other cutting and combing tools required
  7. Suitable for all hair types
  8. No training required to use the FB1™ glass hair cutter
  9. Makes hair easy to cut, style and manage

The FB1 Glass Hair Cutter Professional Edition - Go Beyond the Cutting Edge!For those who want to go beyond the cutting edge, there's also the FB1™ glass hair cutter Professional Edition which includes the handle, protective cap, chrome featured base and 25 glass blades and high quality DVD for £59.99 plus p&p.

The revolutionary glass blade is probably the sharpest cutting device ever invented but the way the edge is serrated means it is safe to use.

The serrated edge also provides more grip to the hair whilst cutting and because of its multi-faceted cutting edge, and the material it is made from, it gives more lift, volume and texture. 

Features of the FB1™ Glass Hair Cutter

  • Ergonomically designed to be easy to use and you don’t need to be a trained hair stylist
  • The comb is curved to follow the contours of the head
  • The teeth of the comb have been designed to comb, style and detangle all hair types without damage
  • The tail is perfectly designed for parting and sectioning hair
  • 3 Products in 1 – No other cutting or combing tools required
  • Stylish chrome features

The FB1™ is an extremely durable quality product that is highly chemical and heat resistant, has a stylishly chromed blade capsule and is virtually indestructible.

Click here to order the Gold Medal Award WinningFB1™ Glass Hair Cutter

The FB1™ Glass Hair Cutter won first prize and the Gold Medal at the International Inventions Show.

FB1 Glass Hair Cutter - Professional Edition

Professional editon of the FB1 Glass Hair Cutter includes the FB1 tool, 25 replacement glass blades, blade cover, demonstration DVD and chrome finished stand.
£ 59.99
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FB1 Glass Hair Cutter - Professional Edition

FB1 Glass Hair Cutter

The FB1 Glass Hair Cutter with demonstration DVD, 3 replacement blades and blade cover
£ 29.99
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FB1 Glass Hair Cutter

25 Replacement Blades

25 replacement FB1 Glass Hair Cutter glass blades
£ 19.99
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25 Replacement Blades

The benefits of using the FB1™
Glass Hair Cutter:

  • eliminates split ends
  • easy to use
  • practically indestructible
  • practically indestructible
  • saves you money on expensive salon visits
  • gives the hair natural lift, volume and texture
  • controls unmanageable hair
  • more hair cutting angles
  • increases hair softness
  • incorporates a curved comb
  • comb incorporates a sectioning
  • no training required - just watch the dvd
  • ergonomically designed
  • leaves hair in great condition
  • dramatically reduces hair cutting time
  • copes with all types of hair (European, African & Caribbean, and South & East Asian hair)
  • detangles thick, difficult and very tightly curled hair without causing damage
  • helps eliminate static electricity when combing
  • highly chemical and heat resistant
Watch the Features & Benefits Video Online
Frank Bisson demonstrates the main features and benefits the FB1™ Glass Hair Cutter for creating mind blowing hair styles.
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